Thermomix silicone lid.

The 20cm Silicone Walled bowl covers, offer you a great addition to your food and heat preserving options.


The rigid metal rim is encased in high quality, food grade silicone, giving you a sturdy, durable silicone lid. Along with the fold up and down side walls, gives you great coverage, and protects your food, and keeps warmer for longer.


These fit great in the Thermomix mixing bowl, and create an airtight seal on the Thermomix serbing bowl. But they would also be a great fit for any pot or pan 20cm or under.


To fit, simply fold up the sides, place it on your bowl or pot, fold down the sides, and push down the middle to secure.


The covers are freezer safe, microwave safe and can withstand high heats.


100% BPA free

Thermomix silicone lid.

  • Made out of food grade quality silicone, 100% BPA free, measuring  20cm  is diameter.

    Quality product made to last, and cope with whatever you throw at it.