3D House Silicone Mould
Want to have some fun baking with the kids ?

How about you bake a house? No I’ve not been at the wine, yet, but these are a great idea for the kids not only to get them baking, but to get their imagination going.

Press your cookie or biscuit dough into the mould and bake. Once baked hard, take out the silicone mould and with a bit of edible glue, or white icing if you want that wintery snowy feel, stick the pieces together and hey presto, you have a house, some trees, some animals and people !

Made from food grade High quality thick silicone, these are dishwasher, microwave, freezer, oven and air fryer proof. 

They can withstand temperatures of between+230°C and -40°C.

3D House Silicone Mould