BBQ Basting Bag
BBQ season is upon us ! 

So we have brought you some new goodies !

A great idea for throwing another shrimp on the barbie !

Simply place your shrimp, prawns, cray, steaks or veg in the BBQ Basting Bag, and throw on the BBQ. You can then flip all the food at the same time, making it oh so easy and faster. 

This is where the clever bit comes in, the holes don’t just allow excess fats/water to run out, they can be use to baste the meat and veg inside the bag, so you can smother your steaks in a yummy sauce and grill, without them sticking to the grill, and making you scrub it clean. 

Great for anything that can stick to a grill, especially when covered in sauces !

When finished, simply place in the dishwasher to clean. 

Capable of withstanding prolonged temperatures of over 250°C

Measuring an impressive 40cm x 30cm you can fit loads of yummy food in the bag. 

BBQ Basting Bag