BBQ Trio Pack - Basting Bag, Burger Mould & Silicone BBQ Mat
The BBQ Trio Pack is a must for any barbecuer !

First we start with the Silicone BBQ Mat, great for your home BBQ, or the BBQ’s at the parks & beaches.

These prevent food from sticking to your BBQ, and are great for those sticky chicken kebabs or onions, or even frying eggs !

This means a lot less cleaning is needed after the cooking is done, simply wipe off the Silicone BBQ mat, or place in the dishwasher. 
This also reduces the need for oil, and means a healthier, less greasier BBQ.

Next we have the BBQ Basting Bag, an ingenious piece of equipment.

Simply add your prawns, steak, veg or whatever else you’d like to BBQ in to the bag, and place on the BBQ. When it’s time to baste, brush on your favourite sauce, and flip, all in the bag, all at the same time..

No more prawns, fish or chicken sticking to the BBQ, and being torn to pieces trying to get it off.

Last but by no means least, is the Silicone Burger Moulds.

A heavy duty piece of kit, that is perfect for those tasty homemade burgers.

Simply add your meat into the bottom layer of the mould, spread it out and then add the top layer.

Push down firmly, and hey presto you have perfectly formed burgers.

Because it’s our top quality food grade silicone, they can even be stored in the mould, in the fridge or freezer for as long as you need them to.

When your ready just pop them out the moulds, and straight into your BBQ.

3 great products for 1 low low price.

BBQ Trio Pack - Basting Bag, Burger Mould & Silicone BBQ Mat