Dual Sided Microfibre & Scouring Sponge
The Dual Sided Microfibre Scouring Sponge is the best quality cleaning sponge we've seen.
It can be difficult to get excited about cleaning products, but this dual sided sponge is in a league of it's own, and we've managed to secure a stock at an amazing price.  
On one side, a microfibre cloth for gentle cleaning, soaking up liquids and cleaning delicate items.
On the other side, a scouring pad, for hard to shift grime and baked on food.
These are washable up to 60° meaning they're usable again and again and again... and easy to sterilise.
This could be the last cleaning cloth/sponge you buy !
This most certainly would be, the best value cleaning cloth/sponge you buy !

Dual Sided Microfibre & Scouring Sponge

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