Insulated Double Walled Gravy Jug

Introducing the extremely stylish stainless steel Insulated Double Walled Gravy Jug !


Who wants cold lumpy gravy or custard? Not us !


With the insulated gravy jug, the specially designed jug keeps whatever liquid you put in it, warmer for longer.


Perfectly sized for the family, hold over 450ml of liquid. 


Keep your gravy nice and hot throughout your roast dinner, or keep that custard steaming for the second helping of Swiss roll !


Beautifully designed stainless steel, double walled body, with a tight fitting PPE lid, make sure your roast dinners get the best !


Insulated Double Walled Gravy Jug

  • Double walled, stainless steel, PPE lid.

    450ml capacity  


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