Large Size Silicone Ice Lolly Mould
Did someone say adult boozed up ice lollies ? You bet your sweet Asti we did!
You can come up with any concoction or cocktail that you like, poor into the mould, slide the lolly stick into the spacer, and freeze.
A few hours later, you could be enjoying your favourite tipple as an ice lolly.
Perfect for when the weather warms up !
You can obviously just fill them with normal fruit juices and smoothie ingredients too !
Makes 4 good sized ice lollies 9cm long and approx 5cm wide.

Now includes 50 paddle pop sticks in the price !
Food grade silicone, 100% BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Large Size Silicone Ice Lolly Mould

  • Made from food grade silicone.

    100% BPA Free

    Dishwasher safe. 

    Approx size of 4 lollies 9cm(h) x 5cm(w) and 2.5cm(d).

    Total size of mould approx 25.5cm(w) 14.5cm(h) and 2.5cm(d)