Oil Spray Bottles

Fantastic quality, and beautifully made.


The oil sprayers are great for spraying dressing over salads, or oils over meat.


Reduce the amount of oils you use, and reduce the fats. 

You can use 50% less fats with a sprayer, as the oil is evenly distributed across the meat and coats it better. 

A pump action trigger, pressurises the spray, meaning you get a nice even spray of oil over you food.

Measuring approx 20.5cm (l) x 6cm (h), these are a great size for the family.


100% food safe, and perfect for your kitchen. 

Ideal for outdoor eating, bbq's and camping. 

Oil Spray Bottles

  • Made out of food grade quality materials, 100% BPA free.

    Measures 20.5cm x 6cm