Pancake/Egg/Muffin Flipper

The Pancake Flipper, can be used with eggs, muffins, omelettes and of course pancakes, just about anything you can cook in a frying pan, you can use the flipper for !


So simple and easy to use, you pour your mixture in, cook on one side, and flip. It's that simple. 

Cooks 7 mini pancakes in one go. 


Made from high grade, food safe 100% BPA free silicone, these will last for years and years, and for a great price too!

The silicone moulds can withstand prolonged temperature ranges of +230°C to -40°C, they are dishwasher safe and made from 100% BPA free food grade silicone. 


Pancake/Egg/Muffin Flipper

  • Made from 100% Food grade silicone, 100% free from BPA, Dishwasher safe. Can withstand prolong temperatures between 230°C -40°C)