Rapid -  XL Meat Defrosting Mat/Plate

Made from special materials that conduct heat away from the meat, means a frozen steak, or chicken breasts etc, are defrosted in minutes.


The average frozen steak is defrosted in around 15-20 minutes. 
The taste isn't altered, no nutrients lost, just defrosted meat. 


No plugs, no chemicals, nothing but clever materials embedded in the plate. 

Measuring a mighty 36.5cm (l) x 20.5cm (w), these are the perfect size to defrost a few steak, chops or breasts.


100% food safe, and perfect for your kitchen. 

Rapid - XL Meat Defrosting Mat/Plate

  • Made out of food grade quality materials, 100% BPA free.

    Measures 36.5cm x 20.5cm