Round Silicone 7 hole Cupcake Mould

These are a PERFECT fit for the Thermomix Varoma. 


The 7 Hole Round Silicone Cupcake moulds, are great for the oven, or in the Thermy ! 

They can be used in the oven, for things Yorkshire puddings, Cupcakes or muffins etc.


Or they sit perfectly in the Varoma, and allow you to explore things like steamed puddings, cremé brûlée's or even poached eggs ! 

The possibilities are endless ! 


These are fantastic quality, will last years and years.

Made from food grade silicone, these are great for preserving your expensive baking trays and tins, just sit one of these on top, and use forever more. 


Great for caravans and kitchens with limited storage, as they can be rolled up or folded, and put away in a drawer, then when you need it, just unroll and it's ready to go!


The silicone trays can withstand prolonged temperature ranges of +230°C to -40°C, they are dishwasher safe and made from 100% BPA free food grade silicone. 



Round Silicone 7 hole Cupcake Mould

  • Made from 100% Food grade silicone, 100% free from BPA, Dishwasher safe. Can withstand prolong temperatures between 230°C -40°C)

    Approx size 29.5cm(l) x 22cm(w)

    Makes cakes approx 6.5cm wide and 3cm deep