Silicone BBQ Hotplate Mat

Tired of scraping all the brunt on food off the BBQ?

Want to use the BBQ at the park, but the people before you left it in a state?


We have a mat for that.


The BBQ Non-Stick Mat, is a high quality, food safe silicone mat that will go straight onto your BBQ or hot plate, and save you hours of scrubbing clean.


Meat retains its juices and flavours better, melting cheese, frying eggs and chopped onions are easy with the Non-stick mat.


Great for the holiday season, to use the BBQ at the holiday park !


The mat is easy clean and can be hand washed or placed in the dishwasher.


It can be wiped clean, whilst still on the grill.


Can withstand temperatures over 250°CReusable hundreds of times, and environmentally friendly.


Keep off direct flames, best to be used on the hot plate, but if used on grill, make sure the flames are not reaching the mat.


Price is for 1 mat.

Silicone BBQ Hotplate Mat