Silicone Chocolate Bar Mould

Chocolate.... need I say more.


Making your own choccy bars can great fun, involve the kids and it can be a riot.

Mix up white chocolate, milk chocolate, rose chocolate and dark chocolate to your taste.


Makes perfect sized choccy bars for all the family. 


You can also use the moulds for cakes, cake decorating, resin or anything you can think of.


Being our usual top quality food grade silicone, these can withstand temperatures of between -40°C to +230°C


They're dishwasher friendly, microwave safe, air fryer safe, toaster over safe and naturally non-stick.

Approx size - 22.5cm(l) x 10.5cm(w) x 0.5cm(d)

Silicone Chocolate Bar Mould

  • Made from food grade silicone, and 100% free from BPA

    Dishwasher safe. 

    Approx size 22.5cm(l) x 10.5cm(w) x 0.5cm(d)

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