Silicone Gripped Oven Gloves

The main problem with oven mitts, is that they are mitts !

Gripping trays can be a task, and they are literally only (reasonably good) for that.


Now, what if you could get the same, well actually better protection from the heat, but can pick things up as you normally would, if not better due to their silicone grips?


Most people use a tea towel, I know I do, and end up with either the towel in the food, which adds a nice taste to the homemade lasagne you just spent an hour on, or you get third degree burns to the thumb, because the towel was slightly damp !


There’s nothing worse than using one of the options above, and reaching in to the oven, only for that boney bit of your wrist to touch the burning hot top shelf in the oven, giving yourself a DIY brand mark.


Isn’t there a better way?  There is.... And we have it.

The flame proof, heat resistant Silicone Gripped Oven Gloves, are a step away from the traditional thick clumsy oven mitts, and an advance towards a better way of doing something.


There can withstand huge temperatures, hotter than your oven will ever reach by far, and the can even withstand flames from a fire.


So whether you’re moving hot coals around a BBQ, or putting another log on the wood burner, these gloves can withstand the heat.


The Silicone Gripped Oven Gloves, can withstand high temperatures of over 800°C for around 15 seconds ! Yes 800°C !!


That makes then just about capable of dealing with anything ! Made from Aramid 1313 / Deyan & cotton & silicone these are durable, breathable and above all, very effective against high temperatures.

Silicone Gripped Oven Gloves