Silicone Mesh Mat For Steamers/Thermys/Air Fryers

The Silicone Mesh Mat is ideal for steamers like the Varoma, or any other steaming basket. 


A tough, non-stick mat makes it ideal for steaming fish, rice or just about anything, without ruining your basket. 

The beautifully made, good thickness weaved design, allows for steam to pass through with ease, without letting your meat, rice or vegetables getting stuck to your basket. 

Now you can add the sticky glaze to the chicken or fish that you're cooking in your varoma or basket.


Then. You simply take out the Mesh Mat, and put it in the dishwasher. 

These can also be used on a baking tray to cook pizzas and breads more evenly, and gives a crispier base, thanks to air being able to flow through the weave. 


These have great  non-stick abilities, and can be used between tempatures of -40°c to +230°c.


Made from top quality food grade silicone, its safe to cook on, put food on and is dishwasher safe!


100% BPA free

Silicone Mesh Mat For Steamers/Thermys/Air Fryers

  • Made out of food grade quality silicone, 100% BPA free, measuring a mighty 30cm is diameter.

    Quality product made to last, and cope with whatever you throw at it.