Silicone Pie Mould

Is there anything better than homemade pies ?


With the Silicone Pie Mould, it doesn't matter if you're baking apple pies, or making banoffee pies.


Measuring 28.5cm wide, and 3cm deep, these will make pies big enough to feed the crowd.


These can go in the oven, the microwave or the freezer. Versatile, non-stick, 100% BPA free, and dishwasher safe.


These are high quality, food grade silicone, these can withstand temperatures between +230°C to -40°C 

Silicone Pie Mould

  • Made out of food grade quality silicone, 100% BPA free, measuring a mighty 28.5cm x 3cm deep.

    Quality product made to last, and cope with whatever you throw at it.