Silicone Utensil Rester

The Silicone Utensil Rester, is a great solution to a common problem. You stir your spaghetti bolognese sauce with one of top quality “Red Silicone Stirring Spoons”, and then you don’t want to put it down on the side, for fear of staining the work top !

Don’t do what I do and try and balance it on the pot, so it falls off, and messes the cooker top !


The answers simple, and very cost effective.


The Silicone Utensil Rester, is silicone, (as if you couldn’t tell by the name), so it can withstand extremely high temperatures (up to 230°C to be precise).


It’s specially designed with clever little slots, to hold pretty much, any utensil you put on it.


Preventing the roll off on to the side or cooker top scenario. Extremely good quality silicone, will ensure this Rester will last for years and years.

Silicone Utensil Rester

  • Made from 100% Food grade silicone, 100% free from BPA, Dishwasher safe.

    Approx measurements: 28cm x 4cm (sizes are approx and can vary slightly)