Square Silicone Air Fryer Pot
Air Fryer’s are amazing, we love ours, but the constant cleaning and scrubbing stubborn stuck on left-overs is annoying.

Luckily we’ve thought of that, and now have the answer for you !

Simply place the super thick, durable silicone basket in your air fryer, and put your food in it.

The specially designed grooves take fat away from your food, keeping it nice and crisp, and prevents soggy bottoms ! It keep oils and fats away from your air fryer too !  

Once cooked, removed the silicone basket and put in the dishwasher, it’s that simple.

Fantastic quality, tough and durable. These will probably outlast your air fryer !

No more cleaning of the air fryer !

These are for the square basket air fryers, we also stock the round ones 😊

Square Silicone Air Fryer Pot