The Angry Moma - Microwave Steam Cleaner

This is one woman you want to make angry 😤 


The Angry Moma as she's known, is a steam cleaner and steriliser. 

Just add water and vinegar to the fill line, and set the microwave to high and wait for this lady to get steaming mad. 

Once hot enough, she starts spouting hot steam, filling your microwave, cleaning it and sterilising it at the same time !


Then simply wipe down the areas and watch the grease and grime come right off. 

Random colour provided.

The Angry Moma - Microwave Steam Cleaner

  • Approx size 13.8cm(h) x 11cm(w)

    Pictures are for display purposes, 1 item/pack for the price advertised.

    Colours may vary slightly due to monitor and display differences.

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