Whiskware Batter Bottle/Health Shake Bottle


Homemade pancakes and no mess ? What is this sorcery ?


Introducing a rather clever little gadget from our friends at Whiskware™, the all-in-one Batter Mixer. Or as we call it, the Batter Bottle!


These are great not just for pancake and cake batter, you can scramble eggs and just about everything.


These are also ideal for health shakes, protein shakes etc, that need a little extra mixing! The silicone end is safe for drinking out of, and is wide enough for a "chunky" shake.


Just simply unscrew the bottom, place it in the cap as a holder, and put your ingredients in.


This can make over 1000ml of batter mix ! Enough to feed even the hungriest families.


Once you've put your pancake or cupcake (or whatever your making) in, insert the Blender Ball™, which is a clever little stainless steel wire ball inside the bottle. This makes sure that all your ingredients are mixed in when you give it a good shake!


Yes, you get a workout as well as make delicious pancakes, what could be better? 


The silicone nozzle is specifically designed to allow you to control the flow of the mixture out into the pan, meaning you can do some nice fancy pancake art!


Once finished creating your masterpiece, unscrew everything and just chuck it in the dishwasher, that's it, done, no mess, no fuss.


Flick the kettle on, and bask in the glory from your kids, for making the best pancakes !


Whiskware Batter Bottle/Health Shake Bottle

  • Made from food grade silicone, and food grade PPE.

    100% free from BPA

    All parts dishwasher safe. 

    Approx size 28.5cm x 10cm


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